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WildCat has a relaxation between chess games


WildCat 8.

WildCat 7.

WildCat 6.

WildCat 5.

WildCat 4.

WildCat 3.

WildCat 2.79a.

WildCat 2.61.


Main book (18.03.2003). 278 Kbytes.

Style book (26.11.2003). 2 677 Kbytes. Many thanks to Carlos Pesce who has created this strong book.

To unpack this files you need WinRar version not less 3.00.

For beta testers

If you interesting in test WildCat beta versions mail me. To become beta-tester you need have enough free CPU time to produce about 1000 games per two weeks (time control: 1 + 1 or 2 + 1).

Igor Korshunov

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